PriPara Nurse Blessing Coord is a recolor of the PriPara Nurse Coords worn by Chiharu as her unit coord for Ciao Music. It is a natural coord from the brand Rainbow Diva.




A split-colored top of sky blue and dull blue with a piped line of white down the middle. A vest is worn over this with the same pattern, but while the dull side is trim with pastel purple lace, the lighter side has white stripes, four pastel purple buttons, and a blue pocket. The collar is white, striped with the blues from the top, and includes a blue collar trim with pastel purple buttons, lace, and ruffles. Around the neck is a sky blue stethoscope with a purple heart on it, while sewn to the back are chibi-style angel wings. Includes puffy sky blue sleeves with a white lace trimming the pastel purple cuff and accent by a single angel wing. A white stripe circles above the elbow, with the top being different for each sleeve. One has a pale blue, white, and pink band with an emblem design on the side, while the other has a white diagonal cut cuff with two blue piped lines.


A three layer tutu with the top layers coated in glitter and each with a white line on the hem and going down the corner. The top skirt is sky blue on one side and blue on the other, with the second layer having its colors swapped. The final skirt is pastel purple with white lines and a pattern of hearts and dots cut out. The waistband is white with a white and sky blue heart-shaped purse residing on the left, decorated with the emblem from the arm band.


Sky blue pumps with white line detail and bottom, decorated with a blue and white heart on a yellow base and accent by white and violet wings. White ribbon wraps around the lower leg and tie into a bow on the back, worn with a pair of pale blue stocks trim with a scallop ruffled cuff striped in white. Pills are print on each sock, and hanging from the right leg is a shot with pink liquid, hanging from a white and purple striped ribbon.


A white nurses hat with piped lines of pastel purple to match the lace trim on top. In the middle is a blue and white heart surrounded by smaller yellow hearts. A single, chibi angel wing is sewn to the left.


PriPara Nurse Blessing Coord
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