PriPara Universe: Idol Lesson❤ (プリパラユニバース:アイドルレッスン❤) is a roleplay series written by Masterhands. It centers around the adventures and beginnings of her main characters. The main protagonist is Minami Aizawa


Arc 1 - Three Blooming Flowers

Minami Aizawa was a normal elementary school student in Paprika Private School. Although she was pretty much showered with the influences and popularity of idols, she ignored it. For her birthday, she found a mysterious priticket in her father's birthday gift for her. She was convinced that she was destined to be an idol, and started to sneak in PriPara along with other elementary students. Entering with a huge impression of idols, she along with her friends Ami Egami and Caroline Rosalin , they spend their days training and performing to become top PriPara Idols!

The story revolves around not only around Minami, but all the friends she meets as they all journey to the world of being an idol, battling against the hardships that comes with it.

Arc 2 - Rainbow-Colored Music!

Minami meets two mysterious idols, who calls themselves Black and White. They both claim that they can wipe PriPara away from existence if they don't do what they tell her. They want her to decide which of the two is more stronger.

As they learn more secrets about the two, they realize that deciding who is better can't save PriPara! The girls now have to find a way to seal the two away from PriPara using a legendary song that is impossible to master, while learning the importance of music to the world.

OVA - Two-Crossed Rainbows from the future

The Pretty Rhythm X PriPara collab between generation 1 and 2 of Masterhand's main OCs

Episode Guide / Chapter List

# Title Featured Song
0 OVA : PRxPP- Two-Crossed Rainbows from the future! Pretty Rhythm De Go! / Puriparalaifu
As Minami and her friends get ready for their un-canon debut live, the three suddenly feel trough a hole in the system, causing them to be trapped in the middle of time and space, a mysterious figure leads them to the Prism Show world, only to meet three unusual idols: Minami, Ami and Caroline of the Pretty Rhythm World.

Note: This OVA is meant to symbolize the process in which Masterhands switches from drawing Pretty Rhythm to PriPara, and a farwell to the old counter-parts of her PriPara OCs

1 My name is Aizawa Minami! The Happy Idol! Make It! (Saints Ver.)
Minami Aizawa was a normal elementary student at Paprika Private School. She never really cared about anything, until she found a mysterious PriTicket in her birthday gift
2 I want to Debut! Struggles of an Idol-in-Training Make It! (Minami Ver.)
Starting off as ann independent idol who only supports others, she starts to think maybe she should try to perform for once
3 What is a Happy Coord? Shooting Star
Minami meets her first fan, Kurumi Oinawa who interviews her about how she started as an idol. Their interview reveals that Minami was actually talking to her best friend outside of PriPara! They have a small argument that was solved by Minami performing with her "Original Song"
4 Fight for a parfait! Ami the Idol Alien?! To-ki-me-ku Days!
On the most busiest day for Minami's favorite parfait shop in PriPara, she ended up fighting with a shy girl named Ami Egami for the last one they currently have. After learning more about the strange girl she met, she was convinced to help her solve a small problem she has
5 Let's meet at Parajuku! Adventures of the Idol Duo Shooting Star
Minami was very nervous. She never had a meet up with someone she hasn't ever seen, outside of PriPara! While debating on what Ami could look like in real life, she ended up doing good deeds around Parajuku
6 Alone Together! The Idol Princess~ Step! Step! Step!
Ami tells Minami about Caroline Rosalin, an idol she admired ever since entering PriPara. Although she was not discussing about personal concerns. She was always curious why Caroline is always "alone". Minami, being the kinda-hearted friend she is, decides to help the two become friends.
7 Caroline Rosalin, the only rose in a sunflower garden Step! Step! Step!
After watching a performance of Caroline, Minami found something odd in her performance. Rushing to talk to her about something, she ended up listening to something she shouldn't have
8 Listen to your heart! Set Caroline free! Step! Step! Step!
Minami comes up with a plan! If Ami could become friends with Caroline, she wouldn't be alone anymore! When Ami find out that Minami learned Caroline's secret, she becomes upset but goes with her plan anyway. But things ended really bad that ended up humiliating Ami
9 Minami vs Ami ?! "I'm sorry" can't fix everything! Shooting Star
Ami challenges Minami to a fight! Whoever can perform the best with the most points is the winner! After Minami won the challenge, Caroline appeared to her and gave her advice on what to do to make up with Ami.
10 A softened heart? Am I a rival or a friend?! Lovely Princess
Ami couldn't hang out hang out with Minami as often as before, as Caroline becomes more busy and she starts to need her assistant more than she did before. Minami stalks the two, shocked to find out the Caroline tries to talk to her but Ami was too worked up to notice. Minami tried to talk to Caroline, only to end up having a misunderstanding on Ami's side
11 Our resolve! The promise of the princess Make It! (Minami Ami Caroline Ver.}
As Caroline notice how close Minami is with her assistant, Caroline breaks out from her shell and tries to be friends with them. Minami and Ami accepts her with open arms and makes a promise for three of them to share
12 And then there was three! Miracle Paradise
As they learn more about Caroline's real attitude, they start to realize how different she is. Meanwhile, Caroline still tries to adjust to the idea of having friends
13 Who is Caroline? Let's visit the Rosalin Manor! Secret Pure Love
The girls plan their meet up outside of PriPara. Minami and Ami was excited to meet Caroline outside of PriPara, until they learned that Caroline before, the New Caroline and her outside of PriPara are like different people. Meanwhile, Caroline somehow got lost in her own mansion.
14 Best Friends! We should form a unit! Paki La~ro (MinaAmiCaro Ver.)
This episode/chapter starts with a recap of the first 13 episodes and an overall summary of Minami, Ami and Caroline's relationship. The second half of the episode is the three fighting over what the name of their independent unit should be
15 Minami is outraged! The unit of Independence Shooting Star
Minami was so insistent on debuting as a unit soon that she caused Ami to become a bit stressed. The three fought for what the unit name should be, what the unit coord should be and even the unit song. Ami and Caroline started to feel like starting a unit was a bad idea.
16 This is our debut! WE ARE NEOPOLITAN! Are You Ready?
As things weren't going well for the three, Minami met a mysterious idol who gave her advice on the matter, saying she is the rope that binds them three. While mi and Caroline talked about the future of their so called unit, they started to think about things that they liked about Minami, that gave them inspiration for a unit that can represent all three of them.
17 Community Service?! NEOPOLITAN reporting for duty! Are You Ready?
After their debut live, Ami felt depressed receiving so little feedback and fans, so Minami proposed that they should do something to spread their name around PriPara. Although her idea wasn't as amazing as they thought
17 The Happy-Go-Lucky Pop'n Idol! Yuu Haruki enters the stage FreeDreamin
Caroline adventures around PriPara to help other idols and to make friends. In her travels, she heard rumors about a newly debuted idol. Caroline, remembering her experience with Minami, wanted to meet her and maybe become friends. But Caroline learned that they were more to this idol than she thought.
18 Lending A Hand! Minami and Kurumi's good deed day? Otome☆Puzzle
On her way to PriPara, she bumps into her friend Kurumi. Learning that Kurumi is upset that they don't get to hang out as much as usual, Minami declares that the two should have a good deed day, where they do nothing but help other idols and make friends.
19 Ami's discovery? An alien in PriPara?! To-ki-me-ku Days!
As Ami overhear other idols noticing some out-of-this-world phenomenons in PriPara, the three started to investigate believing that maybe a supernatural figure is causing this. Akai Meganee is now chasing the three around PriPara, trying to explain to them that these occurrences are just caused by a rogue Meganee robot
20 Gather around! A Grand Prix begins! Paki La~ro (MinaAmiCaro Ver.)
As an unannounced Grand Pri begun, The three panicked as of whether they were ready enough to take part of it. As Minami started to vomit alot, Ami hyperventilating like crazy, and Caroline practicing her vocals while yelling, the girls became a riot 5 minutes before they perform for the ButterFly Garden Grand Prix!
21 Step Up! Let's GO NEOPOLITAN! GoGo! Puriparalaifu (MinaAmiCaro Ver.)
As the three realize that they are second to the last performers... PANIC! But as they struggle to control themselves, they receive letter from the fans and friends they gathered ever since starting PriPara. They gain courage from this and puts their chin up high as they perform for the Grand Pri, but with no mind on winning instead they dedicate their song to their friends.
22 Final Show! We declare ourselves as rival! GoGo! Puriparalaifu ~DREAM MIX~
As NEOPOLITAN took the #1 spot in the Gran Prix rankings, the mysterious idol, Yuu Haruki and Kurumi Oinawa performed as a brand new unit who overwhelmed the audience by performing the same song as NEOPOLITAN but better. Minami and hr friends felt sad about their lost but didn't mind, until the mysterious idol caled her out from the stage and declared themselves as rivals

More to come when I have an idea what to add XD


Protagonists (NEOPOLITAN)


  • Kurumi Oinawa
  • Yuu Haruki
  • Julia Emily Howard The 3rd


  • Black or ???
  • White or ???


  • The Aizawa Family
  • The Egami Family
  • The Rosalin Family
  • Sebastian (aka the name of Caroline's butler)
  • Maria (aka the name of Caroline's head maid)

others will be added later


  • The name "PriPara Universe" was born from the thought that all Roleplay series is their own universe, and this one is one of the many
  • This is the origin story of Masterhands' characters
  • The process of becoming friends with Caroline took 8 episodes/chapters, which masterhands thinks is to show how stubborn and hard-headed she is when it comes to friendship
  • The idea of this roleplay came straight from the original story idea Masterhands have for their Pretty Rhythm counter-parts. The idea was just used for PriPara because masterhands doesn't draw Pretty Rhythm just as much anymore
  • The Arc 2 Antagonists does not currently have any official names, either because revealing it could spoil it's story or masterhands hasn't thought of any yet (you can guess which XD)
  • This series brings back the idea of using "Original Songs"

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