Princess Dream Cyalume Coord is worn every time Madeline Sycamore cyalume changes. This is a coord from the brand Princess Dream. It was first used in Madeline's Debut Live when she Cyalume Changed.



Non Cyalume Changed


The top is made up of mint green and light blue, and the sleeves are made of mint green see through material. There are large gold and blue ruffles going down the skirt. At the bottom of the skirt, there is a bit of simple white lace trim going around the edge


Fancy mint green ballet slippers decorated with white roses.


A large mint green ribbon worn on the side of the head. In the center of the ribbon is a large white rose.

Cyalume Change

The top of the dress has a large sugar pink ribbon decorating most of it, and the bottom of the top is a cream yellow. The skirt is decorated with two layers of sugar pink lace, and under each layer is a cream yellow skirt. At the very bottom, there is sugar pink lage outlining the bottom of the skirt of the dress.


Fancy pink ballet slippers decorated with white roses. Near the top, the lace is tied into a ribbon.


A white tiara decorated with many pink pearls.

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