The Princess Pink TR Cyalume Coord (also known as Princess Pink Cyalume) is a recolor of the Dream Twinkle Ribbon Cyalume Coord.

Coord history

This coord will be used by Haruka Bokerdole after her awakening. Milulu originally made it for her as a present after her debut.




A short dress composed of a white blouse with sleeves hanging off of the shoulder. Around the top of the chest is a pastel pink ruffled piece of material to match the lines going down the center of the chest. A purple ribbon rests at the center with a silver music note. On each shoulder is purple ribbon tied into a bow. The skirt is in two layers resting over a white frilly petticoat. The top skirt is a pastel pink tutu, while the second is white with stripes of purple and pastel pink. Sewn to the front corner of the skirt is a large purple bow with wings attached to it. Sewn to the back of the skirt is a large ruffled pastel pink ribbon. Comes with a white collar and ribbon wrist pieces.


Purple pumps with a pale pink bow on top of the foot. In the center is a silver music note attached to a pair of wings. Comes with white stockings with thin pale pink lines and a lace cuff accented with a purple ribbon.


A purple bow with a pale pink heart in the center, attached to white wings.


Princess Pink Twinkle Ribbon Cyalume Coord
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