The first episode of Hanako's roleplay series Prism Chronicles.



Haruka: *jumps on the field* It's off-time!

Mizu: They decided to give us a break after all. The homework was starting to pile up. I also have Prism Shows, and managing my schedule isn't easy.

Haruka: Desho? Wait... Mizu-tan, you're wearing pants with the uniform again! They'll think you're wearing the boys' uniform!

Mizu: I know, my skirt is wet thanks to Mimi. Also I'm not a great fan of skirts.

Haruka: Sonanda...

Fate: Mizu's a boy!

Mizu: I-I'm not!

Fate: Just kiddin' ^^

Yume: Bakas.

Fate: Oi!

Mimi: IT'S OFF-TIME!!!!! *bumps on Mizu making her fall in the river*

Mizu: Again...

Hoshizora: *helps Mizu to get out* You'll catch a cold....

Shine: According to my academy database, Natsumi-sama is going to take extra lessons, so she'll take a bit.

Hilulu: Demo, we decided to go to PriParis today! How long will she take?

Shine: Around an hour.

Milulu: Eeeeh? That much? Wait, how much is an hour?

Shine: 60 minutes.

Falulu: Is Nijiru coming with us?

Haruka: She said she's busy... I don't know why though

Hilulu: But without her randomness it's going to be boring!

Mizu: Nijiru-sama, I wonder why she won't come...

An hour later

Haruka: Here's Natsumi! Oi, Natsumi-tan!

Natsumi: *running towards Haruka* THIS IS BAD!!!!!!!

Everyone else: Nani?

Natsumi: I just saw the future!

Fate: Geez, you ALWAYS see the future

Natsumi: It's not it! I saw...

Haruka: You saw??????

Natsumi: Pitch Black!

Mizu: How can you see in the black?

Natsumi: Not the color! Pitch Black is an hacker! And she's targeting PriPara's system!

Everyone else: Sonanda... and then?


Everyone else: EEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHH???????????????????????

Hilulu: What about unawakened Vocal Dolls like me?!

Shine: Going to die.

Hilulu: It can't be! I want to live enough to become friends with Prince-niichan!

Mimi: I'll save you!

Hoshizora: How, genius???

Mimi: Eto...

Falulu: All the mini Falulus and the mascots are going to die...

Milulu: And no one will be able to become an idol again!

Haruka: Let's call Nijiru!

Yume: She knows for sure what to do!

Mizu: *Calls Nijiru on the PriPass but there's no reply* Doshiou????

Milulu: *hugs Falulu* I'm scared!

Mizuki: What's wro-

Haruka: MIZUKI-TAN!!!!! *Death Hug*

Mizuki: Hi, Haruka...

Yume: We're in danger!

Mizuki: Why?

Natsumi: I saw a future where PriPara is going to be shut down by an hacker!!!!

Mizuki: What about the Vocal Dolls?!

Hilulu: We're going to die!

Mimi: But, instead of worrying, let's think of something!

Hoshizora: Tell us what happened in that future!

Natsumi: Well...

Natsumi's future

Natsumi: I saw Pitch Black laughing at you all... She was holding five Prism Stones... Everything around you was dark and Hilulu was dead!

Hilulu: *faints*

Natsumi: Eto... Then she put some codes inside the system, and the visual darkened out... All I saw was a flashy 'ERROR' sign...

Haruka: Son'na...

Natsumi: But, it was kinda strange... You were looking worn out... Yume even said "We couldn't beat her in the showdown, we couldn't save PriPara..."

Mimi: Showdown? Haruka could easily beat Nijiru, the strongest idol, in a showdown

Hoshizora: If all of us lost, maybe that Pitch Something hacked the system, and cheated performing an amazing show!

Mizu: How are we supposed to beat her?!

Milulu: That's the problem here....

Next episode preview

Haruka: Eeeeh? A new idol is going to debut!

Shine: That black coord... it can't be...

Falulu: Sugoi live!

Mizu: We need to find something to perform something better!

Haruka: Let's research on coords! Jikai, Five Goddess Coords

Everyone: The Dream Team of destiny!

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