Three To The Rescue is the second roleplay created by Hishikawa Usagi which follows her previous story, Preparing For Akane.



After Shion, Hikari and Mizuki found out about Akane and a party planned by Sumire and Mikan, they decided to help them with the party and the search for her.


(Shion, Mizuki and Hikari are walking around until they saw Sumire and Mikan frowning)

Mikan: This is bad. (eats a bun that Sumire gave her). So yummy, gelo.

Sumire: Never mind the bun. We need to find Akane. She may be everywhere like in a dark scary forest filled with ghost (gets scared). I won't even enter in there.

Mikan: Now, now, Sumire-chan. Never think like that (gets another bite on the bun). We need to stay positive because that way, we will find her very easily, nano.

(Sumire relaxes but starts to panic again)

Sumire: I cannot stop thinking about where she is now. (starts running to the PriPara Park). I need some flowers.

Mikan: (finishes the bun and starts running). Wait, nano.

(Shion, Mizuki and Hikari gives them a puzzled look)

Mizuki: Who is this Akane?

Shion: Whoever she is, she sounds like she is in trouble.

Hikari: Do you think we need to help them?

(Mizuki and Shion agreeing with Hikari and the three also starts dashing of to the PriPara Park).

Shion: Those two are pretty fast for an angel and a (pauses while thinking a good title for Sumire).

Mizuki & Hikari: (In chorus) Florist (Mizuki), Thumbelina (Hikari)

Shion: Not even close. I think a butterfly.

Mizuki: Great, now we lost them.

Shion: Look, there is obviously a trail of flowers left by Sumire.

Hikari: Onee-chan, I didn't even saw that.

Mizuki: Me too. You're smart. (dashes off). Sumire, Mikan, we're here to help you.

Shion: (dashes off). Let's i~go.

Hikari: (dashes off). Wait!


Three To The Rescue (Performance)

End Of Performance

Mizuki, Shion & Hikari: There you are. We've been looking over PriPara for you two.

Sumire: Really?

Mizuki: Yes, because we wanna help find Akane.

Sumire & Mikan: Really!!

Shion: We don't want to leave our friends in danger.

Hikari: Me too.

Sumire: (While crying). Thank you so much. You three are really friends I want to have. (cries loudly).

Mikan: I'm now a happy angel, nano.

(The five girls gave each other a hug as the screen turns black until Sumire pops out)

Sumire: Wait!! We still don't know where Akane is!!

Mikan, Shion, Mizuki & Hikari: It's okay we can find her.

Sumire: (crying). Thanks. I just ate onions yesterday so I'm not really crying. (continues to cry).