Preparing For Akane is a roleplay made by Usagi Hishikawa.



Akane Urawa is coming to the PriPara Idol Academy and Sumire and Mikan must prepare a welcome party for her.


Sumire: What should I do?

Mikan: Anything wrong~nano

Sumire: Akane is coming!

Mikan: Really. Who is she~nano?

Sumire: Akane is a tsutsuji (azalea) whom I admire so much. We would always walk together to the Urawa Station in Saitama, Saitama Prefecture. I'm planning a celebration for her. She is my childhood friend after all.

Mikan: What do you mean by, she is a tsutsuji~nano?

Sumire: A tsutsji is a white flower meaning modesty and she has all those traits.

Mikan: I want to help with this party~gelo.

Sumire: Thank you, Mikan-chan.

Sumire: Okay. Why don't we have a trainstation theme.

Mikan: Does she love trains~nano?

Sumire: She loves theme. Oh! We can bake sweets and a chocolate cake. Those are her favorite things to eat.

(Mikan imagines all the food that Sumire dictates)

Mikan: Okay! Who do you think you're going to invite~nano?

Sumire: Well, there is you and the rest of Moonrising Flowers. There is the Student Council, SoLaMi Smile, Dressing Pafé, Aroma, Fuwari.

Mikan: Looks like you mentioned all the idols we know~gelo. I have an idea. Why not we let them help us with the party?

Sumire: That's a great idea. I'll call them right now.

(Akane sends a message before Sumire can call her friends)

Akane: (In the message) Hi, Mimi. I know that you will be expecting me to come but I have a problem. The train I'm on has broken down and there are no other means of transportations here. My coming may be either delayed or I won't come at all.

Sumire: Oh no. This is bad Mikan.

(Sumire shows the message to Mikan)

Mikan: What about our planned party~nano?

Sumire: Looks like I have no choice but to go to the place where Akane is in.

Mikan: She didn't gave as the exact location. So how~nano?

(Both Sumire and Mikan frowns as the story ends)


Sumire and Mikan decides to find Akane together.