Pu♥Ri♥Zu♥Mu is a roleplay series written by Hanako Inoue.

This series is about Haruka Bokerdole. Never noticed when, in the episodes, she looks like upset or doesn't show up in PriPara? Well, in this series you can find out why!

Haruka's "side-stories" divided in more chapters, all in one series!

Characters featured

NOTE: I have permission from Falulu (user and admin) to use her characters in this series, so I didn't break any rules! I'll ask you permission if I need to use your character.

Check out this page for more characters: Category:Hanako Inoue (all my characters, coords, etc.)

Main characters in Pu♥Ri♥Zu♥Mu:

  • Haruka Bokerdole (main)
  • Yume Bokerdole
  • Milulu
  • Shine Shiroumi
  • Falulu Bokerdole (user: Falulu)


--I don't want to be forgotten (before episode 59)

Chapters: 1

--Double Ticket in PriParis (before episode 1) (upcoming)



  • This series was originally made to 'revive' the wiki, since there weren't many edits on pages.

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