Moonrising flower 3

The Rain Maiden Coord is a Lovely-type PriPara Rare coord made for the unit Moonrising Flowers by the brand Starshine♥.



Rain Maiden Coat

A pale blue frilly coat with pink buttons and heart print. On each side of the hip is a pink bow. The skirt is pastel pink with a pale blue rain design on the front.

Rain Maiden Boots

Thin, pastel pink boots with pale blue heart print and a large droplet hanging from the front of the ankle to match the frilly cuff and drips hanging from it. Further up the leg is a pearl chain with a droplet charm, one leg has a pink chain with blue charm, the other is blue with pink.


A beaded tiara circling the Idols head.

Who can use this coord?

This coord was made for Moonrising Flowers' member Mizu. You can use this coord without permission, but don't use it as a coord for your unit.