Moonrising flower 5

The Rainbow-Colored Dream Coord is a Lovely-type PriPara Rare coord made for the unit Moonrising Flowers by the brand Starshine♥.


Coord pieces

  • Rainbow-Colored Dream Dress
  • Dream Shoes

Who can use this coord?

This coord was made for Moonrising Flowers' member Sumire Hanasaki, which means that you need permission from Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa if you want your character to use it. If you use without permission, Haruka will slap you a Warning Ticket.



A pink dress with a thick section of white in the middle to match the long sleeves sewn to the shorter shoulder sleeves. Rainbow hearts are print all over the dress, along with a rainbow section wrapped around the waist with bows and dots on it. A ribbon is sewn to the middle of the chest.


Pink shoes with a small heel and string laced around the lower leg.