Rinne Ibara
Kanji りんね
Romaji Rinne
Personal Info
SpeciesPrism World Messenger
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorSky blue
Home PlacePrism World
OccupationPrism Star, PriPara Idol
First AppearancePretty Rhythm-only character
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)gift
Favorite Brand(s)Pretty Rhythm
Idol TypePremium (aka Star)
ManagerPeacock (Former)

Rinne is an idol brought from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live to PriPara. She is a Star/Premium type idol and uses the brand Pretty Rhythm. She is used by TodokeruMiraiChan~.

She found her PriTicket on the Rainbow Bridge right after PRRL's episode 51, and came to Laala's world to join.


Rinne has got short blue hair and sky blue eyes.


Rinne is pretty quiet. Most of time she is focused and serious. But she slowly opens up to other people and becomes more outgoing.


  • Naru Ayase (Saints): They are best friends and they really care for each other. When Rinne returned to the Prism World, she completely forgot about her friends, she, however, remembered the words: Happy Naru. In the roleplay, she recognized Naru and the two became friends again.
  • Juné Amou (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live): They are rivals and both are Prism messengers. Rinne wanted to Juné to return back to the Prism World, because the Radiance of the Prism needed to be restored so the two had a duel at the Winter White session, which ended with a tie. At the end of the season, Juné wanted to go back to the Prism World but the Godness of the Prism stopped her saying that If she wanted to remain to the earth, she needed to forget her memories. Juné accepted to be with Hijiri.

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