Rumi Yoshida

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Kanji 吉田 留美
Romaji Yoshida Rumi
Personal Info
BirthdayFebruary 3
Blood TypeAB
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGold
Home PlaceParajuku, Japan
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)All Nightmare Long
Favorite Brand(s)Baby Monster
Idol TypeCool
Voice ActressHaruka Tomatsu
Rumi Yoshida is a Pripara idol. She studies at Pripara Idol Academy. She is a Cool-type idol, and her brand is Baby Monster. She is a member of the trio idol unit, M♪racle Tune.


Rumi has brown hair, tied in a ponytail a bit messy to Shion's, but it looks normal on her left. On her front part on her bang there is a purple streak of hair (look carefully on both pictures :3). She has gold eyes.


Rumi is a very smart girl, smarter than Akemi. She likes teasing people a lot, especially her teammates but she quickly learns from her mistakes.


  • Akemi Hatanaka - Rumi likes teasing her a lot. Akemi even called her such names, making her really sad. After apologizing, they became the best of friends.
  • Clare Henderson - She teases her a lot. After knowing that Clare doesn't even care about her teases, she slows it down.
  • Shion Todo - Rumi really adores Shion. She takes many lessons with Shion.


Rumi used to love playing the bass guitar. One day, her guitar went broken. She went to Meganee so she can fix it. Then, she accidentally entered Pripara. Rumi was lost for a while. She saw Shion's B&W performance, and she was amazed. Since then, she wanted to become an idol.


Significant Coords


Her first name, 'Rumi' (留美) means 'beauty, flow, lapis lazuli'.

Her surname, 'Yoshida' (吉田) can have two meanings. The first part, 'yoshi' means lucky, while the second part, 'ta', means 'rice paddy'. Combined into 'lucky rice paddy'.


  • Without ANYONE in the whole world knowing, she can play the bass guitar.
  • Image credit: Xescprimero SS gift

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