Performance Info

Idols: SHiMer

Song: Tsu. Bo. Mi ~Future Flower~ (Heartcatch Precure!)

Coords: Aster Bouquet Coord (Shion), Floral Fairy Coord (Good Coord) (Mizuki), Michiko Bouquet Coord (Hikari)

Cyalume Coords: Floral Empress S Coord (Shion), Floral Empress M Coord (Mizuki) Floral Empress H Coord (Hikari)

Cyalume Tool: Cyalume Jewel Mics

Pictures are under the performance ^^

Coord Change

Meganee: Scan the appropriate number of MyTickets for your coord. You can also scan Friend Tickets. Mizuki's going with a Good Coord? Good luck! Coord Change Start!

Meganee: My! This Aster Bouquet Coord matches Shion really well! The name "Shion" also means aster flower, so it's perfect!

Shion: Aster Bouquet Coord! igo!

Meganee: This coord uses two different types of flowers as motifs. I wonder what they are?

Hikari: Michiko Bouquet Coord! igo!

Meganee: Here comes the flower fairy, lured out by the sweet scent of spring. What kind of performance will the fairy do along with her flower friends?

Mizuki: Floral Fairy Coord! Min'na mo egao!

Color Code

Mizuki = Navy
Shion = Purple
Hikari = Orchid
All 3 = Black

Before the Live

Mizuki look at Shion and Hikari, who both nod

Mizuki: Before the live starts, we have something we want to say...

Audience: Eh? Wonder what it is...

Hikari: The truth is, we were fighting just yesterday about this live...

Audience: Eh? SHiMer were fighting???!!!

Shion: And we wouldn't have made up if it wasn't for our friends!

Mizuki: That's right! Chiharu-chan, Michiko-chan, Sophie-chan, Non-chan, Yuri and Cosmo-san! You better burn this live into your eyes!

Shion and Hikari: Now then, please listen to our new song, provided by the PriParis Princess...

SHiMer: Tsu. Bo. Mi ~Future Flower~!


Furisosoida hizashi no shawā
Atatakai nukumori senaka wo osu

Atarashī machi atarashī yume
Kimochi mo kawareru kana?

Kadan de utsumuiteru
Pinku no hana ga
Chotto jishin naku shita
Watashi mitai da yo ne...

Miagete! Konoha no saki de
Tsubomi ga fukuranderu
Sukoshizutsu sodachi nagara
[Shion/Hikari]Yorokobu hāto da ne
Mezame dashita mirai no hana

Making Drama Switch On!

Mizuki is sitting in a gazebo ovelooking a shadowed flower field with a lake at twilight, and mountains in the distance with huge fairy wings behind her. Two flowers, an aster and another pink one turn big and bloom, revealing Shion and Hikari in their respective flowers. Shion and Hikari take Mizuki's hand and the three of them start running across the flower field. As they do, the flowers start blooming behind them. They reach the end and see the sun rising. Mizuki starts flying while holding onto Shion and Hikari's hands. They reach the sun and pose while the flowers start flying around them. "Colorful Flower Fantasia!"

Katai kara wo nugi sutete
Hikari wo uketometai
Tsuyosa to fukai yasashisa
Kokoro ni sakaseteru

Cyalume Change! Shion's coord glows green, Mizuki's dark blue and Hikari's purple

Cyalume Superior!

Miagete! Konoha no saki de
Tsubomi ga fukuranderu
Sukoshizutsu sodachi nagara
Yorokobu hāto da ne
Watashitachi wa mirai no hana


P.S. Hanako designed Shion's and Hikari's coords for both of us, so I have permission to use them ^^ No warning tickets please Haruka

P.P.S. Yes, the Cyalume Coords are from the 3DS game ^^ I was in a rush to recolor them so please don't worry about the crappy recoloring xD Mizuki is Aroma in this one but who cares I sure don't

Floral Fairy Coord
Flower Meringue Tops Shiny Ribbon Skirt Flower Garden Shoes Triangle Floral Hair Accessory (recolor)