Episode 1: Secret of Furanzu

October 25,2000

Prism Goddess: prism sparkle will never dissapear,I'll create a new rinne to spread the prism sparkle around the world.

Prism Goddess creates a new rinne but......

Prism Goddess: W-what? What is this? This is not rinne,and your a male?

Suddenly An Inhuman is born.

Prism Goddess: this I the first time that I created a NOT rinne,I must evacuate this to someone.

In parallel worlds there are two worlds that are related to each other,A Pretty Rhythm World And a Pripara World,althought prism goddess evacute that ONE she created,she gave it to Meganii.

Prism Godess: this Creature is a virus but you must take care of if,he has a power beyond a god and you must raise him as a prince of your world.

Meganii: hai,Wa-wakarmashta ,as your wish. But what is his name?

Prism Goddess: this is very hard for me to gave him a new.

Meganii: How about Ibara Furanzu? Fu Means (reference as fuwari's name) ran means running and the Fran in his name is france,making him a prince of Priparis

Prism Goddess: that settles it,I'll give you an aid if he's in critical situation,remember Meganii,this boy is the destiny of humanity,he must Marry to someone in his age of 14

Meganii: yes. I understood.

5 years later,in pripara.Furanzu grows so fast,he looks like a teenager but his age is 5

Furanzu: Meganii.

Meganii: yes?

Furanzu: I'm going to pretty rhythm world,I will be back in a few years.

7 years later.Furanzu goes in in the world of skating,then he meets aira rizumu,and the others,then he goes to the other parallel world(rainbow live).he met her sisters,rinne and jun.And then 2 years have passed.He makes a connection to make a connection beetween the two worlds.

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