"While I'm powerless... I want to help others for my own satisfaction. I don't think I deserve to be treated like the others so if I was about to die, I would just accept that situation."

Seto Vessalius

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Kanji せと ベザリウス
Romaji Seto bezariussu
Personal Info
Age12 (Past)
315 (Actuallity but he looks 15)
SpeciesVocaldoll-God of Eden Hybrid
Birthday2nd of December
ZodiacSagittarius ♐
Height1'67 cm
Hair ColorBlack (Idol Appearance)

Silver (Celeb Kami Jewel)

Eye ColorTurquoise
FamilyMoffun - Husband in the future

Alexander & Fuyuki Vessalius - twins sons in the future

Sayuri - daughter in the future

Home PlaceA Deluxe Room of Parajuku
OccupationIdol, Student
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Swear To~
Favorite Brand(s)Pandora Hearts
Image ColorTurquiose
Idol TypeCeleb

Seto Vessalius (せと ベザリウス Seto Bezariussu) is a celeb-type idol from Pripara Idol Academy and his favorite brand is Pandora Hearts.

He's the main character of Xesc13primero and the holder of the Celeb Kami Jewel, an item from his series, Kirameki! Kami Jewels Serie. He's in a unit called H✰ppiness B♡uquet along with Laura Hasegawa, the one evolved into H✰ppiness B♡uquet De♩uxe alongside with Moffun. His representative color is Turquiose.


He's a young teenage that has skin like white snow, long straight hair with a straight band of the color of dark ash and turquoise calm eyes. He usually wears whatever royal-gothic type of clothes.

Kami Jewel

As celeb kami jewel idol, he changes to have white-silver hair with a straight bang tied into twin curly pig-tails.

Real Appareance

He's a young teenage with excited tourquise eyes, the same white skin and short brown hair.


He's rather an introverted and a little tsundere boy who can be seen really cool and gorgeous if he wants to. He usually tends to worry too much about unnecessary things to the point of changing the meaning of else's words making him to feel bad about himself.

He has trust with himself in everything except with relationships with other people. Althought he dreams about making everybody happy who he wants to make happy on top of that is himself.

The mixed feelings of Promania when he didn't remember anything and the ones of his past himself hurts him making him depressive and desesperate. He doesn't thinks he deserves to be treated as the same as everyone, that even if he would be killed, he'll just accept the situation.

He fell in love with Moffun in the first arc and now their in a relationship. After knowing they'll have kids he's more embarrased when he's by his side.


He was born in Eden and there he lived happy as a baby until The Temple was attacked and Moffun ran away with him in his arms but at the end Moffun without knowing what to do, reached the Earth and left Seto in the door of the Vessalius.


Seto as a children in s. XVII

Some years later, he turned into a just Romanian 7 year old human boy of the 17th century (XVII) living in Slobozia, a city in Romania, Europe. He lived with his father, the main head of the Vessalius family, an important aristocratic family of Romania and with his mother. The two of them never were with Seto so he always spent his days alone in an empty house.

The day he turned 12, they family made a celebration party for the aristocracy and there, something happened, a group of black hooded interrupted the party at the moment when Seto touched the Destiny Clock, a family relic. After they appeared Seto ran away from the entire building from that people 'cause it seemed like they wanted to kill him. After running for a while, he finished in a mountain where his most precious object, a golden Jewel in form of a heart, started to shine and at that momment one of that hooked people from before and cut his back with a scythe and not just that, the hooked person removed his hood revealing his long fang to Seto. He could only thing in one thing, that he was a vampire and just after think that that person jump on him and bit him. When Seto was thinking that he was going to die 'cause all the blood he lost he fell through a hole into a black room, there, when he was about to die for the cut in his back, he heard while he fainted. She said were name was "Alice". Saved his life by putting his soul into a vocaldoll empty body.


Main Units

  • H✰ppiness B♡uquet: This is his main Unit formed along with Laura Hasegawa. They are the n#1 of Promania and surroundings, even they're realy famous in all Europe and a little part of Asia and Africa. But now they're starting to get famous in another part of Asia.
  • H✰ppiness B♡uquet De♩uxe: This is his secondary main unit along with Laura and Moffun. They are at the same 1# position as Happiness Bouquet in the Top Idol Ranking of Promania.

Secondary Units

  • PENT✰GRAM: This unit was created 'cause the Ancient Kami Jewels. After the 5 holders made them shine they decided to make a unit.
  • Shiny Cl♣ver: This unit was made when Milana asked to make a unit and the members of these accepted.

Main Relationships

  • Laura Hasegawa: She's found him in the sanctuary awakaned him in Promania. She was his only friend apart from Moffun and Klein. Although at first they didn't connect at all they started to get well after a lot of things and decided to make a unit to bring happiness to everyone, Happiness Bouquet.
  • Moffun: They first met in the sanctuary after Seto awakaned. Seto and Laura found a big Jewel from where he came out. From that day Moffun was always by his side. After discovering he was Mr. W he realized his feeling for him and now they're dating.
  • Alice: She's his savior. She saved his life by turning him into a Vocaldoll-Vampire-Human Hybrid after that hooked people attacked him.
  • Other Relationships

  • He debuts at the roleplay series in Episode 282.
  • His rank is the Unmei Class.
  • He shares his brand with Alice and Moffun.
    • Later, it was revealed Alice was his mother and the designer of this brand.
  • He's the first son of the Vessalius Family, a big important aristocratic family of S. XVII in Romania. That's why he's Celeb Type.
  • He owns a Kami Jewel, a Cyalume Mic Jewel, a Crest, Falulu Deluxe Ribbon and the Celeb Dark Gem.
  • He could change his type by using the Kami Jewels but after the jewels choosed their users he can't.
  • He represents his user, Xesc13primero.
  • He's the first to get the Radiant Aura and the Golden Bunny Magician Coord.
  • He in reality doesn't mind about his rank.
  • He loves pasta
  • He wasn't good with studies first but after remembering his past it seems he's super inteligent.
  • If you dare to give him artichoke to eat he will spit on your face.
  • He started going out officially with Moffun at episode 381.
  • Tho it's said he's a half vampire, his usser always forgets about it and it became something of minor importance.

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