Performance Info

Yes, I wanted Shilulu to debut on the same day as Galulu... Problem?????? xDDDDD

Idol: Shilulu

Song: Calendar Girl (Aikatsu!)

Coord: Ribbon Meringue Coord

Cyalume Coord: Chao SoLaMi SMILE L Team Cyalume Coord

Stage: Twinkle Ribbon Underground PriPara Stage

Note: Underlined lines are sung with a strange Hidden Prism Voice

Coord Change

Meganii: Scan the appropriate amount of MyTickets for your Coord. Coord Change Start!

Meganii: The cute little flower fairy is here to deliver a cute song for everyone!

Shilulu: Ribbon Meringue Coord! Gambaruru~

Live (or not)

Meganii: Now then, after Galulu's live is Shilulu! Also known as-

Shilulu: STOP!!!!!!!!!! Don't say my real name!

Meganii: Ok...

Shilulu: Min'na, kon'nichiwa! My name is Shilulu and I'm another Mini-Falulu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

SHiMer: Shilulu gambatte!

Sunday Monday Chu-Chu Tuesday
Mekutte calendar girl, watashi no mainichi
Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Tsunagatte, brand-new week

Maegami wa kimaranai shi, kenkachū da shi (darudaru blue)
Zuruyasumi shitai keredo, omitooshi na no (barebare mommy)
Kesa wa pan ga tabetai yo, cafe au lait ni shite (guzuguzu time)
Ribbon dore ni shiyō ka na, sorosoro yaba

Sunshine, omatase kyō mo yoroshiku
Sakki no kibun mo wasurechatte
Dash de sakamichi kakeagatte ikō!

Nante koto nai mainichi ga, kakegaenai no
Otona wa sō iu keredo, imaichi pin to konai yo
Calendar mekutte kyō mo, watashirashiku are, maemuki ni
Shikai ryōkō, ohayō minna

Making Drama Switch-

(The music stops. The entire stage goes black. Shilulu's coord and mic also disappears and she returns to her casual)


Random audience member: What's going on?

Meganii: Emergency! Shikyoin Hibiki has discovered our system! The live will be cancelled!

Audience: EEEEHHHH??????????????????

Shilulu: ... I WILL KEEP PERFORMING!!!!!!!!!!!

Meganii: But, without the system. You can do a Making Drama or anything after it! There won't be any music, either!

Shilulu: I don't care! This is my debut live! I will finish it no matter what!


Making Drama, Switch On! (no reaction)

Making Drama, Switch On! (no reaction, yet again)

(4 voices are heard along with Shilulu's) Making Drama, Switch On! (The white aura thingy appears and the music resumes) Shilulu is locked in a cage made of thorns and shriveled flowers. SHiMer and Kotori gain angel wings and fly down with a rose-shaped key. They unlock the cage and Shilulu jumps out and lands on a flower. It grows and blooms. It rises up with 4 other flowers. They all open and reveal Shilulu, SHiMer and Kotori. Valkyrie Maiden Flower!

Omoide wa mirai no naka ni, sagashi ni iku yo yakusoku
Itsumo no keshiki ga kawatteku
Ureshii yokan ga afureteru ne

(Shilulu is by herself for the rest of the performance) Airy Change! Cyalume Airy!

Nante koto nai mainichi ga, kakegaenai no
Otona wa sou iu keredo, imaichi pin to konai yo
Calendar mekutte kyō mo, watashirashiku are, maemuki ni
Shikai ryōkō, ohayō minna

After Live

(The likes are being gathered)

Meganii: Shilulu is a Lovely type and she ranks up to Eternal Idol! But how? There isn't nearly enough people to get that many likes, or do a Cyalume Airy in the first place!

(Behind the curtains)

SHiMer and Kotori: *Catching their breaths*

Mizuki: Phew! You guys were thinking the exact same thing as me?

Shion: Looks like that's the case

Hikari: I couldn't stand to watch her like that...

Kotori: My mouth and body just started moving on their own... Before I knew it I was standing on stage with you guys...

Mizuki: Well... We rushed right back here after the Making Drama, so... that technically still counts as her own live... right??????????

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