Shine! Flowers of Harmonia Is a roleplay written by StarMiya and YukiTomoe. This role play is set before they debut.


It's 5 pm in Pripara where teammates Kotomi and Kaori have decided to meet up so that they can make plans for their debut. Kotomi pushes a annoying strand of hairbehind her ear and sighed in defeat when it feel stubbornly back into its orignal place. She was just taking a drink of her homemade kiwi and banana smoothie when kaori came hurtling around the corner startling her and causing her to choke on her drink.

Kotomi: ...Hi

Kaori: Kotomi! We need to get something from the grocery store!!!!!

Kotomi.....what for?

Kaori: Things for the banquet our debut is going to be at!!!!

Kotomi: banquet!!!????? mau kaori tell me before you plan things *hiccup*

Kaori: Let's go Kotomi!

Kotomi: Kaori *hiccup* please *hiccup* slow *hiccup* down*

Kaori: We where going to have to leave PriPara to get to the venue. It's a stage that isn't in PriPara but supports PriPara Lives.

Kotomi: where *hiccup* is *hiccup* it *hiccup*......Oh No... *hiccup hiccup hiccup hiccup*

Kaori: *Puts glasses on*

Kotomi just contiues to hiccup as she follows Kaori

Kaori: We could use these flowers for the party!

Kotomi: They *hiccup* are *hiccup* pretty *hiccup hiccup*. These *hiccup* need to *hicup* stop.

Kaori: *Sweat drop*

Kotomi: Help *hiccup hiccup hiccup hiccup*

Kaori: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! *Tries to scare the hiccups out of Kotomi*

Kotomi:...... *Hiccup hiccup hiccup hiccup*

Kaori: *Hangs Kotomi uspide down*

Debut Live

After the Live

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