Todo Shion
Kanji 東堂シオン
Romaji Tōdō Shion
Personal Info
BirthdayJanuary 5th
Hair ColorDark Purple
Eye ColorAmber
FamilyHikari Todo (Sister)
Home PlaceParajuku


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Absolute Life of a final show girl
Favorite Brand(s)Baby Monster
Voice ActressSaki Yamakita

Shion Todo (東堂シオン) is an 8th grader of Paprika Private Academy. She is a cool type idol who uses the brand Baby Monster and she is the center/leader of Dressing Pafé. She is an original character and is currently used by Ivanly912 as one of her roleplay characters.


Shion has dark purple hair which is pulled in a ponytail to her right. She has amber-colored eyes.


Shion is a calm but competitive person. She often solves problems by placing go pieces on an imaginary board. She, like Mirei, is considered the "brain" of Dressing Pafé. She seems to have a fear of doing anything cute or wearing cute clothing. She likes pandas, most likely due to their black and white coloring.


  • Tōdō (東堂): The word Tōdō can be split up in two. the  means east, while the  means shrine. It can be roughly translated into Eastern Shrine.
  • Shion (シオン): Is a unisex name, which may be a reference to her cool image, and the Japanese word for the aster flower.


  • Laala Manaka - Laala helped Shion get into PriPara. As a member of SoLaMi♡SMILE, they are rivals, but don't treat each other as one. They were teammates in Dressing Flower.
  • Mirei Minami - Shion holds a grudge against Mirei for slapping her with a warning ticket in Paprika Private Academy, and they have a special rivalry. She has sworn to get revenge on her one day. However, these days they treat each other as friends.
  • Sophie Hojo - As a member of SoLaMi♡SMILE, Sophie and Shion are rivals. However, they don't treat each other as one. They were teammates in CelePara Opera Company and seem to get along quite well.
  • Dorothy West - Dorothy is one of Shion's teammates in Dressing Pafé. Because their personalities seem to be total opposites, they often fight a lot in the group. Despite all that, they do work well together and trust each other. They were also teammates in Dressing Flower.
  • Leona West - Leona is one of Shion's teammates in Dressing Pafé. When Dorothy and Shion get into fights, Leona is always the one who breaks them up. The two of them have a friendly relationship and they do not fight at all. They were also teammates in Dressing Flower and CelePara Opera Company.
  • Mizuki Hoshizora - They are classmates in both Paprika Academy and PriPara Idol Academy. They are close friends and are often seen hanging out together. Lately, there's been a hint of romance between the two.
  • Hikari Todo - Shion's younger sister. They get along extremely well and do not seem to fight at all.
  • Falulu Vocaldoll - She tried to help her to fix the Falulu's Non, but she was stopped. They were teammates in CelePara Opera Company.


  • She is so far the only SoLaMi Dressing member with unknown parents.
  • She was the first main character to reach Kami Idol status (In RP only)
  • She is called Shinocchi by Mizuki.
    • She is fine with Mizuki calling her that, but when someone else calls her that she gets mad.
    • Because of this, she is often shipped with Mizuki by Hikari.
  • She was the fourth one to do a Gold Airy on a normal stage.
  • Haruka gave her the nickname "Shii-tan" which she gets very annoyed about. (xD)
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