Shiraki Tame

Human | Ghost Form HorriblePumpkinCoordOc

Kanji 白木 タメ
Romaji Shiraki Tame
Personal Info
SpeciesPumpkin Ghost
BirthdayOctober 31
Hair ColorOrange (human)

Gray (ghost)

Eye ColorMagenta


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Your Mirror (Pretty Cure)
Favorite Brand(s)Hollic Trick Classic

Holiday Feather (main), Silky Heart

Image Color
Shiraki Tame is CureItsuki's OC and main RP character. She is a Cool and Lovely typed Idol who uses the brands Hollic Trick Classic, Holiday Feather, and Silky Heart.


Shiraki is very shy. When she feels comfortable around other people, she gets very picky about many things. She is also a fashion designer. Shiraki ends her sentences with -shira, because Haruka suggested it. She also has a strange obsession with cats. Therefore, her Making Drama is made for her love of cats. It is called Kitty Cat Midnight Moon.

In her ghost form, she is more serious. She acts sad, almost depressed. She no longer ends her sentences with -shira, but -ki. She is still very shy, and will disappear when she is scared or shy. Sometimes she will have a very sudden outburst of excitement. Her Making Drama is called Rainbow Ghost Flower.


Dream Hollic Trick Cyalume Coord: Her former casual coord.

Candy Corn Treat Coord: Her performance coord that she made herself.

Royal Kitty Coord: Her new casual coord that she made herself.

Rainbow Ghost Cyalume Coord: Her casual coord in her ghost form.


  • Hollic Trick Classic
  • Holiday Feather (her own brand)
  • Silky Heart


Shiraki has long, orange hair. Her eyes are magenta. She normally wears dresses that have orange, green or black.

As a ghost, Shiraki has long, silvery hair. She still has magenta eyes, but they are a little lighter. She is normally surrounded by a rainbow aura. Shiraki prefers to wear gray, black, blue, or orange dresses in this form.


  • Shiraki was born on Halloween.
  • Her original brand was supposed to be Brilliant Prince, and she was supposed to be a tomboy.
  • Although she is Cool and Lovely types, she is mainly Cool.
  • She can fly in her ghost form.
  • In her ghost form, she can sometimes get a golden aura when she is happy. When she is depressed, she gets a black aura and her hair turns black.
  • She can travel through dimensions by hopping through mirrors in her ghost form.
  • She loves hugs.
  • She created Nekomimi.