Silky Ice Swan Coord(シルキーアイススワン) is a rare Lovely type coord which is worn by Sakura for her Comeback live. It shares similarities with the Silky Pink Swan Coord.



An ice-blue top with ornate, light metallic blue pieces attached to the center. Several white feathers stick out of both the top and bottom. Included is a feathery necklace and sleeves to match the top.


A short light blue skirt with several white feathers sticking out of the bottom. Wrapped around the skirt are two layers of large wings.


White ballerina heels with a ribbon tied behind the leg. Comes with glittering gradient light blue tights with a metallic light blue design on the side of the leg.


Silky Ice Swan Coord
Silky Ice Swan Tops Silky Ice Swan Skirt Silky Ice Swan Shoes

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