Eight Idols In A Fashion Show
Sonata Number 1
Arc 1
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When the eight idols are all very bored, they decided to act on a fashion show in Klara's room. However, something weird just happened to Klara. What happened to her? Did she snap her Ticket?



An Idea

Sumire: I'm bored!! I'm so bored!! I'm very bored!! I'm super bored!! I'm really really bored!!

Klara: Please, stop repeating those words. It's getting annoying.

Ann: Well, to be very honest, your robotic voice seems pretty annoying.

Klara: Ann!! How do you get rid of these robotic voices???? It really is pretty annoying.

Sumire: Well, I've heard that when I first met Prez and Kotori, they also have that robotic voice but when they were awakened, they lose it.

Klara: How do I get myself awakened?

Akane: I've heard that you snap tickets with someone and then....

Klara remembers everything about what Haruka said to her but she ignores it

Sumire: I got something in my very own small mind.

Klara: You sure do have a small mind.

Sumire: Oh Klärchen, you don't know what this little brain of mine got. Why not try all the coords in PriPara like a Fashion Show challenge?

Sango: Eh, really?

Sumire: Yes!! Let's go! *runs to the PriPara hills*

Akane: Hey wait for us you Miss Fast Feet.

Klara: Friends Ticket, awakening, hmmm....maybe after the fashion show....

Many Choices Of Brands

Sumire: Okay, Fortune Party is all mine, ALL MINE!! *evil laugh*

Sango: Since Mikan will have Silky Heart, I'll get Twinkle Ribbon.

Mikan: Okay! I'll use my brand Silky Heart, nano.

Akane: I'll get Baby Monster.

Yurika: Athletic.....Ranch......Nadeshiko *gets her sword*

Sango: Ahh!! Please don't kill me!!

Ichigo: Okay! Athletic Ranch is mine!!

Ann: I'll get Pretty Rhythm!!

Sumire: What about you Klara? What brand you want to use? Eh, Klärchen. Are you okay?

Klara: Marionette Mu!!

Mikan: Something wrong, nano?

Klara: Oh no, this is nothing.

Sumire: The method is this. This will be one against one and the pairs will be randomly picked using this. *shows them two sticks*

Ann: Sticks? Like drop them and viola I found my beloved partner.

Sumire: Remove the "beloved" part and it is a yes. Took the words right out of my mouth.

Yurika: I'm very excited!

Sango: It doesn't show

Yurika: I need to keep myself in my elegant character.

Sumire: Don't cry.

Klara: Hmph, and why?

Sumire: You might not get your destiny partner.

Yurika looks at Sango and blushes while Sumire drops the sticks

Sumire: Our first set of partners, Ann VS. Akane, in other words A VS. A.

Ann: Alright! Good luck.

Akane: Okay! Let the trains go!

Ann: Yeah, sort of

Akane VS. Ann

Coord Change Start!

Akane starts of with Shion's very first casual coord

Akane: The Eternal Punk Coord

Ann gets to wear Naru's spring coord

Ann: The Gingham Sherbet Coord

(Score meter rates a tie)

Sumire: Looks like it is a tie!!

Coord Change Start

It looks like it's ninja time!

Akane: Nin'nin Among The Sun Coord

Ann goes for this pretty wedding dress

Ann: Pure White Wedding Coord

(score meter rates a tie again)

Akane: Are we equal?

Ann: Not even close

Akane: Glitter Tomboy Coord

Ann: Pure Premium Wedding Coord

(tie again)

Akane: This score meter is broken.

Sumire: But it doesn't lie I promise. Just continue dressing up.

(Akane and Ann give each other a rivalry expression)

Akane: Kashikoma! China Coord

Ann: White Rhythmic Idol Coord

Akane: Get You! China Coord

Ann: Black Rhythmic Idol Coord

Akane: Rock Style Lady R Coord

Ann: Symphonia Passion Coord

Akane: Eternal Black And White Coord

Ann: White Summer Vacation Coord

Akane: Midnight Firework Yukata Coord

Ann: Fairytail Teacup Coord

Akane: Cold Paint Black Coord

Ann: Fresh Pink Coord

(the score meter still rates a tie)

Akane&Ann: We.....give....up!

Sumire: Okay and okay!

All (ex Sumire): Huh?

Sumire: A new score meter!

Ann: A new battle between me and Akane please!!

Sumire: That would unfair

Akane: But we both always get a tie.

Sumire: It's not my fault. Next stick goes to Mikan and Ichigo.

Ichigo VS. Mikan

Coord Change Start

Ichigo starts off with this coord. Wonder why?

Ichigo: Special Idol Kenji Coord

Mikan, well, like an angel

Mikan: Sweet Milky Ange Coord

(score meter gives Mikan the win)

Ichigo: The Battle is still on!!

Mikan: Gelo

Ichigo: Kara Kara Nurse Coord

Mikan: Blue Heart Coutour Coord

Ichigo: Happy Ball Coord

Mikan: Nano, Spring Coming Coord

Sumire: Winner! Mikan!

Mikan: Gelo!!

Ichigo: Congratz! But I won't loose to you when it comes to athletics.

Sumire: Next stick goes to Yurika and Sango.

Sango: Okay!

Yurika: Makenai!

Sango VS. Yurika

Coord Change Start

Sango goes for the PriPara Police Go Go Coord

Sango: PriPara Police Go Go Coord

'"Our brave yamato nadeshiko wears this bamboo themed coord

Yurika: The Sakurairo Blossom Coord

(score meter gives Yurika the win)

Sumire: Onee-chi, you're good!! I might loose to Klara!! *cries*

Sango: You're thinking too far and ahead.

Yurika: That's my little sister.

Sango: Dream Heart Lace L Coord

Yurika: Nadeshiko Shower Natural Coord

Sango: Sunny Sun Parasol Coord

Yurika: Bamboo Paradise Coord

Sango: Creamy Pastel Ribbon Coord

Yurika: Rising Sun Clover Coord

Sango: Illusion Sky L Coord

Yurika: Lovely Kimono Fresh Coord

Sango: Rainy Day Pastel Coord

Yurika: Romantic Natural Flower Coord

Sumire: Winner goes to Sango! Which means me and Klara go against each other! Sumire on the flower field!!

Klara: Watashi ha makenai temo......

Sumire: Something wrong?

Ann: You two are always bickering and arguing so I think this will be one of the best VS I ever saw.

Sumire: Watashi ha gambatte!

Klara: Yes! I'm fired up when I see you!!

Sumire: Me too!!

Mikan: Oishi nano *eats a samdwich*

Ichigo: In all my years Sumire VS Klara beats up Giroro VS Subaro-kun.

Sumire VS Klara?; It Did Happened

Coord Change Start

Sumire: Ganbatte~

Klara: Should I

Sumire: Huh?.......

Sumire, you go well with the PriPara Police Peace Coord

Sumire: PriPara Police Peace Coord

but wait, where is Klara?

Ichigo: Where?

Sumire: She is just with me as I do the coord change.

Akane: Hmmm....huh? Look!!!

Sango & Yurika: Where......ahhh *accidentaly falls down from their seats*

Mikan: A Friends Ticket, nano. And it is snapped, nano *continues eating muffins*

Sumire: Don't tell me........Klara snapped her ticket

Yurika: Eh, honto ni?

Sango: Obviously?

Yurika: We better find her!

Sumire: She could be anywhere!!!

Ann: Klara would definately say that she is just here in PriPara.

Sumire: But still......if Klara did snapped her would be difficult to wake her up. That Klärchen *rips her ribbon off*

Ichigo: Klara......and now gone.

Ann: No, we found her. Now we just have to.......

Akane: She did snapped her Ticket. She looked pale right now.

Sango: Got her.

All: KLARA!!!

Sumire: What should we do now? We must wake her up!

Ann: Sango could do the typical prince thing to wake up the sleeping princess.

Sango: Ann, you know I still can't do that!!!

Ichigo: Well, uh, idea!!!

All (ex Ichigo): What!!!

Ichigo: Why not use these?

Sumire: Prism Stones?

Ichigo: Yes! Those Stones carry a powerful one pieces, shoes and hair pieces that I once used, along with my former friends to save Onpu-chan from the Gate of Darknes.

Yurika: Eh really?

Mikan: What are they called, nano?

Ichigo: Well, the Galactical Coords. Each coords represent hope, passion, fortune, happiness, tranquility, intelligence, love and courage.

Sumire: Can we wear them?

Ichigo: Of course!

  • as Ichigo handed the stones, a mysterious figure steals the stones away*

Yurika: Hey! Mante!! Give us those stones back.

Sango: Or "Give those stones back to us"

Mysterious Figure: You have to catch me, if you can.

Yurika: Mante~

Sumire: Who is that?

Ann; And why did she stole the stones?

Mikan: I'll save those, *performs an athletic jump* engeru......I'm still hungry, nano

Akane: Not even the athletic Mikan can handle it!

Sumire: We can't just give up!! Let's follow her!!

Yurika: That is one thing I like about my sister.


In ordee for the kids to wake up Klara, they must retrieve the Prism Stones from Lady Arachne. However, when Lady Arachne also captured Klara and met a new idol, the kids embark on a new adventure.