Idol: Kira Starshine

Coord: Mystery Twinkle Ribbon Cyalume

Song: Make It! English ver. (Lyrics from PriPara Wiki)

Scan the appropriate amount of tickets for your coord. You can also scan Friend Tickets. Coord Change Start!

Meganee: The cute yet cool new side of the popular model! Good luck on your debut live!

Kira: Sparkly! Mystery TR Cyalume!

Rather than being afraid of your weakness  It’s more important to try to enjoy yourself

Audience: It's Kira-sama!!!  Even if you’re helpless alone  With bonds, you can be strong

Kira: I can't fail... let me stay on stage!

A sign to match our steps  Snapping our fingers  Together with all our friends on the stage

Making Drama Switch On!

Kira jumps on a golden box and it opens and many jewels pop out... Though there's an hidden soccer ball and a mirror...

"Luxury Present for You!"

Make it! Shining hearts are wonderful  Make up! The answer right now is love 

"Shining! Cyalume Change!" This feeling of aspiration  Is the ticket to dreams  Lady! Ready to go! Paradise!

Aspirations are surely  The guide to tomorrow  Your ideal self is waiting there  Let’s step out without hesitation  All the dripping sweat and tears will change into glitter

Make it! Because there’s a dream we can’t give up on  Make up! We don’t want them to remain as aspirations

Make it! We’re invincible when our hearts are racing  Make up! A sparkling future is guaranteed  Dreams are no longer dreams  Anyone can make theirs come true  PriPara PriParadise

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