Spring-Coming Dark Rainbow Coord (ソプリヌグカミングダクライボウコーデ) is a recolor of the Spring-Coming Coords worn by Reika Kasugano. It is from the brand Rainbow Diva



A pastel, rainbow gradient top with black fabric sewn over it. The top has a floral print and white lining, accent with three, flower-shaped buttons with rainbow centers. On each shoulder is a thick rainbow strap. The skirt is in two ruffled layers, the first matches the top, while the second is a rainbow gradient. Comes with a black and white collar piece held by a white ribbon with the flower button from the chest, along with rainbow gradient gloves that have a two layer silver cuff and white ribbon wrapped around the arm.


Black pumps with a white ribbon sewn on top of the foot, held by a flower button with rainbow middle. Rainbow gradient ribbon wraps around the lower legs.


A large rainbow flower for the hair.


Spring-Coming Dark Rainbow Coord
Spring-Coming Dark Rainbow Dress Spring-Coming Dark Rainbow Shoes Spring-Coming Dark Rainbow Hairpiece
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