Strawberry Rush Dash is a song sang by Ichigo Amanogawa.



Short Ver.

Oh yeah, oh right, come on!
Oh, Strawberry Rush Dash!

On the first day of January
Fireworks are set up in the night sky
And then I say "Party"
Or I say "Strawberry"
And eats a choco bar

Colorful, Colorful, Colorful days
Are here to stay!
So don't hide in the corner
Come out of that hiding place!!
And go with me instead

There is much to do!
When you have no one else near you!
So jump and find a friend
Or run, run instead!!

Rush, rush dash
I'm so ready
One, two, three the strawberry is smiling
Seven colors and one rainbow
Are here to stay! Rush, rush dash
I'm so happy
One, two, three I'm on Cloud 9
Seven kids and a princess
Are my very best friends

So come, jump, jump
And start a POSITIVE panic!!
Go, Go Strawberry!!