Sumire Chaticon
Live Info

Idol: Sumire Hanasaki
Song: Blooming Blooming from Aikatsu!
Coord: Destiny Ribbon Idol S Coord

Coord Change

Please scan the right amount of PriTickets. You may also scan your Friends Ticket. Coord Change Start!

The purple version of the Wish Ribbon Idol Coord will fit Sumire's beautiful purple hair and her flower motif

Sumire: Destiny Ribbon Idol Coord, mimi. Hi, hi, Sumire is on the flower field and before anything, let me tell you something. Do you know why I love flowers, why, well, because it's a coincidence that my last name means blooming flower.

(awkward silence)

Sumire: Don't worry. Next time, I'll make up for those bad jokes. Anyway, please enjoy my live and forget that bad joke.


Note: Colored sentences are what Sumire says during the performance

Furisosoide Sunshine
Ima watashi ga Blooming♡Blooming

"Heart" ni Flower ippai no Dream
Fukurande motto omoikiri Blooming
Taiyō no Shower" daitan na Challenge
"Ganbatta bun mo hana hiraku no

Okay everyone, follow me!

Oshaberi na komorebi ni
Hazumu・kokoro・"link" shiteru
Kanai hajimeta yume ga hashaide
"Debut" no shunkan

"Colorful" sekaijū ni
Kangei sareta kyō ga suteki
Itsumo yori tokubetsu na
Watashi ni naresō

Making Drama, Switch On! (Sumire performs Blooming Castle Garden)

Cyalume Change (Sumire changes into the Dolly Pink Cyalume Charm Coord)

Okay follow me again!

Harukaze utai nagara
Yorokobi no kisetsu wo aruku yo
Hikari saku hanabira ni
Arittake no egao de kotaeyou

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