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Sumire Hanasaki
Kanji 花咲菫
Romaji Hanasaki Sumire
Personal Info
BirthdayNovember 1st
Hair Color    
Eye Color    
Home PlaceTokyo, Japan
School Gardener
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Sparkling Girl
Favorite Brand(s)HipHop from Symphonata!
Image Color    
Idol TypeBright
Voice ActressItou Kanae (Jap)
Diana Kaarina (Eng)

Hanasaki Sumire (花咲菫) is an idol under Symphonata Productions and the leading character of all Admin Usagi's material. She is voiced by Itou Kanae (伊藤かな恵) in Japanese and Diana Kaarina in English. She is a member of the unit Prism Force and is it's leader.


The oldest idol and self-proclaimed leader of the idols of Symphonata Productions, Sumire strives to be number one at anything. Whether would that be an audition, competition or daily live charts, she cares nothing else than her name written next to "1". She may act self-centered, but she also cares for the people around her...well, in a vague way.

Character Description

History and Background

Sumire was a popular idol back then and was at the peak of her career until a terrible incident that killed her family happened. She ended up being very depressed and made many failed attempts on killing herself. However, she ended up being "killed" in an accident instead. While at a coma-like state, she dreamt of a beautiful woman who told her that it's not yet her time to pass away and gave her a second-life and a permanent physique. In this second-life, she has to fulfill a mission she doesn't know about before she can grow to her original age's physique.


Sumire, despite being sixty-five, looks like a twelve year old girl. She has long purple hair worn in pig-tails held by ribbon or hair ornaments. Her short bangs frame her face, and she has turquoise eyes.


Sumire is a self-centered and materialistic female adult who is obsessed with being number one and cares a lot for money. Though being the oldest of her fellow idols, her physique and mental traits didn't mature along with it. She has a soft spot, which she rarely shows.

Hobbies and Skills

Sumire, as a veteran idol, is good at singing, dancing and has quite a good stamina. She enjoys gardening and money hunting in wishing wells.


Hanasaki (花咲): Hana (花) is the kanji for flower, a reference to her love for flowers while saki (咲) means to bloom, an action buds do when it's time for them to open up their petals.

Sumire (菫): Sumire (菫) means violets in Japanese. Violets are dark purple flowers that symbolizes truth. The bluish-purple color of the flower might refer to the cyalume colors on her Cyalume coords.

Series Overview





Making Dramas


  • Sumire says number one! Sumire is number one! Sumire on the flower field!
    • Call and response
  • What do you mean I can't line up here? I'm a senior citizen! Where is the respect?!
    • During a shopping incident


  • Many of Sumire's character inspirations are Ageha Mia from Pretty Rhythm: Dear my Future and Yazawa Nico from Love Live!. Her hairstyle is inspired by Nico's.
  • Sumire shares the same birthday as Silas from Fire Emblem Fates and Hoshizora Rin from Love Live.
  • In episode 493 of Minna Tomodachi, it was revealed she graduated at college when she was on her 20s.
  • In one bonus one-shot roleplay, Sumire has a collection of rice cookers.


Official Art

Drawn Screenshots
  • thumb|Sumire talking to Mikan
  • Frustrated Sumire

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