The Super Cyalume COLOR Coord is a Super Cyalume Rare Premium Coord from the brand Princess Heart. In the series, COLOR obtained it while babysitting for Jewlulu, and it serves as both SCR and Deluxe Cyalume.

It was designed by Hanako Inoue in both universe and reality.





A purple one-piece outfit with a shapely top and the bottoms resembling a pair of bloomers. The top and bottom are both accented with gold ruffles or a thick ribbon. A ruffled white piece of material striped with the colors of the rainbow and lined in gold stretch across the chest with Color written on it in gold. In the corner rests a gold rose attached to a ribbon and a light blue bow accented with gold writing and white lace. Beneath the right side of the chest is a light indigo bow with white lace. Included are ruffled layered sleeves hanging under the shoulder, coming in blue, yellow, and red, each lined in white. At the bottom is a white layer with gold lining and a heart print. The same material rests at the waist but lacks the line detail and connects to a gold waistband. On the right hip is a white and purple ribbon with gold lining and a three layered ruffled cloth attached to a gold pom-pom, including one of gold, one silver, and one light grey. Comes with a large white sequin ribbon with two layered ruffled tails coming in white and gold. A pair of white wings wrapped with pearls and pink hearts rests on the back.


Thin, tall lavender boots with a gold and silver sole to match the musical note designs on them. On the leg at every few inches is a gold ribbon, while silver string goes up the center. A white ring circles the top of each boot, and at every few inches is a bow lined in silver with gold detail and a white and gold brooch attached to the center. A three-layered ruffled cloth hangs from each bow, one set red, one blue, and one yellow.


A silver tiara made of three large hearts, the center gold with a gem on top of it. At the center of each heart is a heart-shaped gem, one pink, one blue, and one yellow. Each heart is connected by a pair of wings, the front purple with gold heart designs.


Super Cyalume COLOR
Super Cyalume COLOR One Piece Super Cyalume COLOR Boots Super Cyalume COLOR Accessory
Super Cyalume COLOR One Piece
Super Cyalume COLOR Boots
Super Cyalume COLOR Heaakuse

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