This is a roleplay by Hanako. There is a performance and other events...


It is a normal morning in PriPara. Haruka wakes up and finds Milulu sleeping (they share the room). She runs away and goes to meet her friends.

Haruka: nee, Mizu, is everything ready?

Mizu: sure! Meganee-san gave us a stage for the party.

Sakura: yeah, but how will we bring Milulu there?

Haruka: hee-hee, Milulu loves Friend Tickets. She thinks they're sparkly.

As the other girls see Haruka's smile, they start snapping. They make a road with the tickets (like SoLaMi♥Smile did to bring Sophie to their floor) and start decorating the room.

When no one notices, Haruka starts looking at the Friend Tickets...

--Some hours later--

Milulu wakes up in her room, gets changed and notices all the Friend Tickets. "So sparkly!" she thinks. She starts following them and reaches the room. The lights are off, and Milulu gets scared. When Haruka turns the lights on, Milulu looks surprised at the beautiful decoration and the big cake.

Milulu hugs Haruka: thank you, Haruka-oneechama!

Everyone is having fun, but Haruka looks like she is worried about something.

Meganii and Meganee bring many presents, and Milulu looks like she was in heaven, thinking about Mikan. Even Galulu brings her a present: a drawing of her with Shilulu and the other Mini-Falulus.

Milulu goes next to the cake to eat it, but, to her surprise, a fancy mode-ish Sophie jumps off the cake giving her golden headphones she made with Hoshizora and Mimi.

Milulu is really surprised, and they start eating the cake while Haruka performs Thank You♥Birthday.

Thank You♥Birthday performance

Coming soon (my pc is crashing ^^')

Idol: Haruka Bokerdole

Coord: Angelic Mauve Coord

Cyalume: Floral Boquet Cyalume Charm Coord

After the performance...

Haruka is alone in her room. She starts looking at her photos with Falulu. She takes a deep breath. She is writing a letter:

Milulu-chan, I'm afraid you won't see me in a bit. I'm going to visit EuroPara and I need to ask you a favor. Bring this to my KiSeKi friends and tell them to obtain the Paradise Coord for me. You don't have to worry about anything. Happy Birthday, Milulu! Vocal Doll Power!

"Vocal Doll Power, huh..." she thinks. "Why must I be a Vocal Doll? I want to form KiSeKi! And I'll wait."

You can hear a sound right now, the one you hear when snapping Friend Tickets. And not just a normal Friend Ticket...