Sweet☆Melody S Coord(スウィト☆メロヂSコーデ) is a premium pripara rare coord used by Sakura Mizuki Harlaown as her unit coord for Sweet☆Melody . This is a Star Type coord which was made by Sakura herself. It is a recolor of the Pure Premium Wedding coord and the Pure Summer Wedding coord.


Sweet☆Melody S Dress

A sky blue dress with a darker blue ribbon near the top of the chest with a similar colored belt aound the waist.The chest part of the dress is lined with pale pink flowers with mint green centers, the same flower is attached to the right side of the belt and surrounded by pale pink lace. The sleeves are short and puffy with strips of white lace going around the edges. The skirt of dress is made up of two layers, the top layer is split of the right side and has pale blue lace linng the edges. The second layer is a light cerulean color which gradually becomes lighter towards the egdes of the dress. To go with the dress are two pairs of minty blue gloves that go past the elbows with white lace near the edges.

Sweet☆Melody S Shoes

Shiny fuchsia heels with a cyan ribbon attached to the side,a cyan strap goes around the ankle in a criss cross pattern.


Sweet s

Official Coord

Sweet☆Melody S Coord
Sweet☆Melody S Dress Sweet☆Melody S Shoes
Sweet S dress
Swett Shoes

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