Tenshi chara
Romaji Tenshi
Personal Info
SpeciesSelf-proclaimed God


Birthday25th of December
Hair ColorGolden
Eye ColorSilver
FamilyNijiru Bokerdole (alternative future self)
Home PlaceCOLOR's Deluxe Dorm
OccupationGoddess, idol
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)PriPara Megami no Uta -Tenshi arrange-
Favorite Brand(s)Princess Heart
Image Color
Tenshi Bokerdole is a Premium-type idol who uses the brand Princess Heart. She's the goddess of Deluxe Change and the main antagonist of Destiny Ribbon. She's the first Unmei Idol and is the goddess who activates the Complete Deluxe Live. 


Long, silky golden yellow hair put in a side low ponytail that covers her left shoulder, and silver grey eyes. Her hair curls a bit at the ends.

Tenshi is mostly seen wearing her Radiant Angel Cyalume Coord, which, like all radiant coords, glows even outside Cyalume Change. She's always seen with Eternal Airy wings.

As Angel, her mini-Falulu alter ego, her coord is now pure white and her hair is set free.


Not much is known about her, except the fact she acts kind and overall just like a responsible goddess, but deep inside she's just manipulative and evil. She knows a lot of things about the idols she targets, and doesn't hesitate to anonymously destroy their lives by manipulating a person they care about to hurt them and make them fall into despair.

It's hinted that in the past she was very shy and quiet, and got physically bullied for this. 

Significant Coords

  • Radiant Angel Cyalume Coord (Cyalume, Casual)


  • She lived in PriParis for a while.
  • She's the second idol permanently having Eternal Airy wings, the first being Haruka, who could do that in the past.
  • She's the first idol by Hanako Inoue to have a watermarked visual (after that user, no I'm not taking it off, and it looks cool xD).
  • She has no clue people actually think and refer to her as a girl.

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