You can use the Royal Guard in your roleplays! You don't need permission from Ivanly or Hanako to do so. Sorry, couldn't think of a better name XD


Milulu is walking around the empty room where her best friend lived until now, not wanting to do anything at all. "And now? Haruka-oneechama is gone, Falulu-oneechan is busy with the Student Council while doing Haruka-oneechama's work, same could go for Sakura-oneesan, Mirai-oneechan and Mizuki-oneechan, and as a result Milulu is forgotten by everyone in this empty room..." she thinks.

She is whispering the names of her friends, and when she says the name of a Mini Falulu (Chalulu), the door opens and Shilulu followed by thousands of Mini Falulus enter the room hugging their different friend. Besides Galulu and Shilulu, she was the one who looked completely different from her friends.

All the Mini Falulus acted like if she was their leader, but also a great friend. Milulu wasn't troublesome like her "sisters", even though she was the youngest. Shilulu was always an introverted one, but she has learned to be more open with her thoughts thanks to Milulu, and therefore the two of them were close friends.

Chalulu: Milulu-oneechan don't be sad!

Halulu: We're all together to stay with you!

Shilulu: You have tons of friends who will support you!

Galulu: It's not like she's dead anyway!

Silence. Galulu was right, but they just worried about being sad and all. Shilulu quickly slapped Galulu

Galulu: Ow! Shilulu! Did I say something bad?

Milulu: No, you're right...

Shilulu: Well... We don't want this to happen again, right?

Chalulu: Shilulu-oneechan we can't do nothing about this at all, it's not like we can control the Vocal Dolls!

Milulu: But we could stop them if we see them.. We are many, too..

Halulu: What do you mean?

Milulu: Do you know Sophie-oneesan and Falulu-oneesama's Royal Guards? They watch over the two idols and help them when there's need!

Galulu: Do you mean we could form a Royal Guard, too?

Milulu: Yes! Like this we can stop bad things like a Vocal Doll snapping or a fight from happening!

Shilulu: Agreed!

All the Mini Falulus: That's a great idea, Milulu-oneechan! You'll be the leader, of course!

Milulu: Ok then! Academy Royal Guard, let's go!

Everyone: YES!