The Prism of Radiance is a Fanmade unit, it is composed of an unknown amount of members. It was formed by Yuki and NS' Headmistress, Hikaru Shikyoin.

Known Members

  • Yuki Tomoe: The leader of TPOR, and two of it's sub-units, Tristar and LAPiS LAZULI. Her theme color is cyan.
  • Natsuhi Bokerdole: The goddess awakened vocal doll with a questionable sense of fashion. Her theme color is lavender.
  • Hikaru Shikyoin: Hibiki, Mimi, and Hilulu's older sister. Her theme color is royal blue.
  • Kanata Bokerdole: The jewelry doll.
  • Luna Bokerdole: A night owl demon.
  • Ami: A water goddess who claims to have only joined to study Kanata, but really cares about everyone else. Her theme color is navy.
  • Deviru: A vocal doll gone vocal demon when a demon accidentally possessed her. Her theme colors are black and red.
  • Mimi Shikyoin: One of the Shikyoin Sisters. Her theme color is pink.
  • Chiyo Kazesawa: A vampire who is after the blood of a vocal doll. Her theme color is viridian.
  • Miyu: A strange girl who can use magic, she has an obsession with badgers and ladybugs. Her theme color is black
  • Mashiro Bokerdole: A New Stage student who is shy.

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