• I wanted a catchy title, pretty sure I failed. Anyway, I asked Hanako about this and she said it was fine.

    Basically, I've made this topic because I noticed on some pages people don't describe how the character looks, or how a coord looks. Anyone who knows me knows how much of a Descriptionaholic I am, so I thought maybe if you guys would like a description written to describe your character, or a coord, just ask me x3 I've had loads of experience and I described every single coord on the AiStars Wiki, Aikatsu Wiki, and PriPara wiki. I've also done a little describing on my Characters page, Kaede Yamauchi, if you want to see an example of my work.

    So... yeah, just leave me a message. Please provide the pages you want me to do for you (unless its all of them, in which case just ask me to do them and I'll find them myself), and I promise to get on them quickly!

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