Idol(s): Twilights* Coords: Twin Angel Coord, Twin Floral Coord Song: Cherry Pickin' Days from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live

Coord Change

Please scan the right amount of PriTickets. You may also scan your Friends Ticket. Coord Change Start!!

Okay, the unit coords are here. Mikan going for an angelic coord as always

Mikan: Twin Angel Coord, gelo

For out flower loving comedian, Sumire is going for this flower themed coord

Sumire: Twin Floral Coord, mimi

Mikan: Engeru!! Mirai-chan, Mikami-chan, if you are here may this live bless you with more years to come, nano!

Sumire: In my very own words! Happy Birthday!

Twilights*: Please enjoy our (Mikan) angelic and (Sumire) floral live.


Color Codes
Sumire = Lime Green
Mikan = Cyan
All = black

Cherry picking, (cherry picking)
Cherry picking days
Cherry picking, (cherry picking)
Cherry picking days

Zenzen feeling zurezure
Uchuujin to iru mitai

Kanzen enryo shimakuru
Kachinko ichiatamadashi

Demo ne nandarou mushi dekinai sonzai
Negai juku shita akai sakuranbo
Tonariawase de

Sore wa senya ichiya moshika shitara no juicy

Kimi no heart
Fushigi kajitsu
Tameshitai cherry-picking duo duo

Futari rival? Tomodachi? Oshikura kanjuu hajike Man'naka nite iru watashitachi Itsuka itsumo cherry-picking days

Making Drama! Switch On

Sumire: Mikan, let's run!

Mikan: Okay, nano!

Sumire: Look!

(imagine a green and cyan angel throwing away flower petals. The flower petals turn into a castle and the gate opened which showed a big silver star) Let's Run! Towards The Twilight

Cyalume Change

(Sumire changes to the Dolly Pink Cyalume Charm Coord and Mikan in her Silky Heart Cyalume Coord) Yappari tappuri cherry picking days
Kitto ne zettai cherry picking days Cherry picking, (cherry picking)
Cherry picking, (cherry picking)
Cherry picking, (cherry picking) 
Cherry-picking days

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