Performance Information

Idol(s): Sumire Hanasaki, Mikan Shiratama (Twilights*)
Song: Angel's Flower
Coords: Blue Sky March Coord, Sun March Coord
Sonata: Sonata 5 - Connections Of The Miele And Arachne
New Attributes: Cyalume Superior

Coord Change

Please scan the appropriate amount of PriTickets. You may also scan your Friend's Tickets. Coord Change Start!

Twilights* will use daylight mode in this concert. The blue sky does fit the wide heart of Sumire

Sumire: Blue Sky March Coord, mimi

Perfectly fitting for an angel is an orange coord named after the sun

Mikan: Sun March Coord, gelo

Twilights*: Daylight Mode, Switch On!


In the morning light (morning light)
Then the evening light (evening light)
The angels keep praising and the flowers bowing
To you (to you)

The morning sun is smiling (smiling)
The evening moon is winking (winking)
Oh, how I wish that a solstice will appear
And show me both light (and darkness)

Oh I cannot wait for the summer solstice (summer)
And I cannot wait for the winter solstice (winter)
The wonders of the sky are coming together
And a twilight will form later.

Making Drama, Switch On

Twilits* performs Let's Run! Towards The Twilight

Cyalume Change

Cyalume Superior

The angel (nano) is waiting for you (for you)
And my flowers are ready for you (for you)
Come on let's watch the meteor shower
So that we can see the big night sky (and the clear morning sky)

The angel (nano) is waiting for you (for you)
And my flowers are ready for you (for you)
Let's enjoy the vernal equinox together
The sun and moon are ready to shine
Oh the angel's flower is ready for this solstice