Two Sides
Kanji 二つ側面
Romaji 2 Hen
Members Saku Kimi

Mizu Yōsei

Leader None
Type Lovely Unit
Manager Unkown
Status Disbanded
Two Sides is unit formed by friendship and heart. The members of the unit are Mizu Yōsei and Saku Kimi.

Unit Meaning

Mizu and Saku have attributes. As Mizu is water, Saku is flowers (mainly blossoms) There total opposites,but still are great friends.

The unit name, Two Sides, comes from their opposite personalities (however this is true only for Mizu's idol personality, and not her real self). When watching their shows, it's "like glancing in a mirror, the first side being Saku and the other Mizu".


Unit Coord(Dream Team)

  • Lucky Surprise Birthday Coord


  • Promise (center: none)
  • Shake it (center: Saku) (but takes turns)
  • Doubleganger (coming soon) (center: none) (mostly Mizu sings)
  • ColorfulxMelody (center: none)

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