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Hello! Welcome to the Get Started blog. I'm Hanako Inoue and the founder of this wiki- in this page you can find all you need to get started in the wiki!

You're a new student? Or went on hiatus and have to catch up? No matter what, here you can find all the current events, rules and news!


The rules are listed on this page! Be sure to read them before doing anything!


The main part of the roleplay are most certainly its series, so make sure to check them out if you want your OC to interact with others!

  • Min'na Tomodachi: Its title means Everyone Friends. It is the main series and is inspired on the canon series. It doesn't have a set plot, so it's the best place to make your own plot featuring your characters or to have a free, lighthearted roleplay! But don't underestimate it— There are tons of great characters and plots!
  • Destiny Ribbon: TBA... It will feature a 51-episode plot made by the users.
  • Prism Festival: A secondary series inspired off Pretty Rhythm. It has a planned plot, but we need more active users to get it going— Make an episode if you also love Pretty Rhythm!

There's an important rule about MiTomo: Only three episodes can be made in a day, and all users must ask an admin to make one.

Using Canon Characters

Bg chara01

You can use and do anything with canon characters from the original series. The roleplay takes place in an alternate universe from the anime, so you can add and change from the canon plot.

However, every user has a limit of 2 canon characters to use and every character has to be used at least once a week. This is to prevent users claiming a character and never using them.

If an user doesn't respect the 1-week rule, anyone can claim that character until the user uses them again.

You can check the canon characters on this page!

Creating a Character

Bg chara02
Well, first of all you should create your character

No worries if you need a visual artwork- there are some people on the wiki who can make it for you, and it's also optional.

There are some tips on this page if you want to know what should you do when making an idol.

The character pages have a formatting here you should follow to prevent your pages to be marked as a stub.

Generally, the page should contain at least these informations:

  • Character Appearance (optional if you post a photo of the idol)
  • Bg chara03
  • Relationships (if any)
  • A few trivia to know more

Please CATEGORIZE your pages!

Each page should have at the very least the user category (example, if your username is SoLaMi you should categorize it with SoLaMi)

Here's a page by our Admin Ivanly912 to see if you're confused.


Making your character perform is very simple!

First, give the page a name for your live (it can be anything)

A live page should be like this:

It starts off with stats on the live such as

  • Idol
  • Coord
  • Cyalume
  • Song

And goes on with the Coord Change Please view the example live!

If you want your characters to perform the example live, please write a live in a page THAT FOLLOWS THE REQUIREMENTS and send it in the comments!

Idols: Falulu Bokerdole and Hilulu Shikyoin
Coord: BOLD Summer Adventure! Coord Set
Cyalume: Summer Dream Parade Coord
Song: Dream Parade

Please scan the appropriate amount of MyTickets for your coords. You can also scan each other's Friend Tickets.
Coord Change, Start!

Meganee: A change of image for the lovely-type idol Falulu.
Falulu: Summer Breeze ☆ Adventure Coord, ara!
Meganee: Two summer-y coords for the highlight live of the season!
Hilulu: Summer Reckless ☆ Adventure Coord! Cele!

Okubyō to yūki ga kenka shiteru nara
Ima sugu koko e oide yo hora matteru
Dare datte itsumo
Hyakuten bakari ja nai kara kimi mo jishin motte yukou

Zutto mae kara akogareteta
Stage ni ima tatsu no sa
Minna to issho ni
Special Fever

Nijiiro ni kirameku yume wa hito sorezore
Yori dori midori dakara
Ato ippo hora fumidashichae!

Yume no mama owarasetakunai yo
Original de kimetara tobidasou yo
PriPara Dream Parade

Making Drama, Switch On!
"Huaaaaah, so hot!" Hilulu is lying on her desk while yawning. Falulu bursts in with some ice cream and Hilulu's face brightens as the scene changes to them in a colorful room sharing the two ice creams.
"Perfect Summer Together!"

Kitto sekai ga machi kogareta
Sutā ni minna nareru yo
Mirai wo mezashite
Miracle Dreamer

Airy Change! Platinum / Gold Airy!

Nijiiro ni kagayaku yume wo mitsuke ni yukō
Kirakira tokimeitara
Omoi no mama tanoshinjae!

Kimi to nara doko made mo yukeru yo
Owaranai monogatari start shiyou
PriPara Dream Parade

Academy-exclusive Types of Show

The Academy has some fanmade additions to a show and, in order to make everyone know, we'll be listing them here. If YOUR addition is missing, don't hesitate to post it in the comments!

Extras are parts of the show that are optional / only some people can do and aren't a separate show.

Known extras are:

  • Deluxe Change, an extra live that takes part right after Cyalume Change. During Cyalume Change the lights will go off and the PriParis Goddess Tenshi will appear, giving you a Cyalume Ribbon / grabbing your Cyalume Ribbon (*), making your coord change into a legendary version of the coord called Deluxe Coord- in the meanwhile the stage glows too. While Tenshi performs a Prism Live the idol in question will make a chain of Prism Jumps, then will be brought to a platform in the sky by Tenshi where he/she will get Airy Wings. After jumping down from the platform, the idol can perform max. 3 Prism Acts and ring the Bell. You can't perform Deluxe Change without Tenshi (aka User:Hanako Inoue)'s approval.
  • Cyalume Stage is an option to change everyone can use, that makes the whole stage glow among with the coord. It's also featured in Deluxe Change.
  • Cyalume Superior is a weaker Cyalume Change by Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa that makes every coord glow of one color. It is used in the Quarter Grand Prix.
  • Rainbow / Eternal Airy is a Cyalume Airy that gives you radiant wings that sparkle of every color. Everyone who has a Rainbow Cyalume Charm can use it, and Rainbow Cyalume Charms can also be obtained in Top Class. (Extra: The cursor of the wiki is an Airy Wing from this change)
  • Star Aura, originally coming from Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, now appears when a Prism Voice is being used.
  • Cyalume Batopon, inspired off the batopon from Pretty Rhythm, is an item used in Cyalume Change to add something extra in the dance.
  • Kami Change A Cyalume Change for those who have been chosen by Jewlie. Not much is known at the moment about this but it is believed you need a certain jewel to use it. You must have Ivanly912's approval to use it.
  • Kirara: A part from the Aura you can make appear a Kirara that will shine in resonance with your character. Everyone can use it without asking permission or doing a little event)
  • If you have any extra in mind, tell me!

(*) There are 14 Cyalume Ribbons in the world, each Ribbon belongs to a canon character (Laala, Mirei, Sophy, Shion, Reona, Dorothy, Falulu, Aroma, Mikan, Fuwari, Hibiki, Ajimi, Non and Jewlie). The owner of the Ribbon is destined to eventually find it and give it to someone / keep it, giving them the possibility to perform a Deluxe Change. However, there are Angelic Cyalume Ribbons given by Tenshi that allow you to do Deluxe Changes, but you can do more than 5 jumps only with one of the 14 Ribbons.

Completely different kinds of shows created by our wiki's members.

Known shows are:

  • Deluxe Theater, an upgraded Deluxe Change performing by 8-person teams. However, no one ever has performed it and the 8-person teams can't form regularly, they have to be destined partners chosen by Tenshi. Not much is known about it.
  • Divine Jewel Live This is a live performed after a normal live in either the Dream Theater or the normal stage. To activate this, you must have obtained a Kami Jewel from Jewlie, which can only be obtained once you have performed a Kami Idol Challenge WITH Jewlie. When this is activated, you perform an entire live with your Cyalume Baton and Cyalume Coord glowing, and obtain jewels at the end. The jewels power you up make your performances more sparkly. There are also Character Jewels, which when used by the character it belongs to, will cause an Aikatsu-like aura to appear around them. Check out the page for more info ^^
  • If you have any show in mind, tell me!

There are many other interesting features of the roleplay you should check to keep updated which are listed here.

Kami Challenge Live

Just like the anime, you need your characters to take care of Jururu before being able to do it. Jururu and Jewlie are both RP'ed by admin Ivanly912 so post a message on her wall saying you want to RP with Jururu and she will do one with you.

Just make sure you remember these 3 very simple rules 1: Bonding with Jururu takes time, so be patient. It take a lot of back and forth replies and may take a few days, but that's how all RPs work so it's not that surprising actually

2: Don't do stuff like "Jururu takes a drink of her peach juice and smiles." Jururu is Ivanly's character, and SHE decides what Jururu does.

3: Be patient. There's a chance other people want to do a Kami Challenge, and Ivanly may be busy with a lot of RPs already. She will get to you eventually, so please be patient and wait ^^

Events going on

Sumire contest
The only event currently going on is the Quarter Grand Prix. 
  • Quarter GrandPrix: made by Admin Usagi, every quarter / month a theme will be given and the registered teams will have to perform with coords, songs and making dramas respecting that theme. After the deadline the voting will start and the users will chose via Google Forms who is the winner. The idols have to use Cyalume Superior. SIGN-UPS ARE CLOSED. However you can vote!

There is also our yearly ParaPri coming soon along with the Academy Festival, a special roleplay! Please keep checking this page for details.

More questions?

Don't hesitate to post a comment and ask! If we get more questions, we will make a FAQs section on this page.

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