Welcome Akane! This roleplay series is made by Usagi Hishikawa, partnered with Ivanly912. This centers around the early events before Dress Up! Sonata, centering around Twilights* and SHiMer on their trip to Saitama to find Akane who has been lost during her trip to PriPara.


Twilights* prepares their welcome party for Akane Urawa, Sumire's childhood friend, however, during her trip to PriPara, Akane got lost. Now worried, Sumire and Mikan decides to go to Saitama, where Akane lives, to find her and to ensure her safety.
It is not long that SHiMer jumped in to help Twilights*. The five idols decided to work together as one and plans their trip to Saitama Prefecture.

Cast And Characters

User:Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa