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Whipped Dream is a brand created by Maria Umikaze that creates lovely type coords.

The coords use many different lovely styles and adds a sweet twist to it. Occasionally, it will go beyond the lovely category, but this is rare.

Please ask Coco Amako if you plan to use this brand.

Brand Info

Hungry for a good outfit? These coords are so sweet and almost too good to eat! Give your audiences a live to remember. Just don't give them a toothache.


Coco Amako

Coord List

Smile! Pre-Arc Collection 2018

These coords were made before Pocket of Smiles began.

Sweet Wafer Coord

Chocolate Wafer Coord

Exciting Work Coord

Curious Work Coord

Mint Chocolate Patissier Coord (Whipped Dream Cyalume Coord)

Strawberry Chocolate Patissier Coord