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Yayoi Kikugakki

Casual and Cyalume | SCR Yayoi

Kanji 聞楽器弥生
Romaji Kikugakki Yayoi
Personal Info
BirthdayApril 10
Hair ColorYellow
Eye ColorYellow
Home PlaceTokyo
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Kira Justice→
Favorite Brand(s)Symphonata! (brand)
Holic Trick Classic (Initial)
Image Color
Voice ActressSaitou Shuka
Have you all been good citizens today?

Kikugakki Yayoi (聞楽器弥生) is a Cool idol and a member of Prism Force. Her main color is yellow (    ). She is also a member of the duo unit Parametric, along with Akane.


Yayoi came from a line of lawyers and politicians. Her ambition is to be like her predecessors, a good lawyer and a politician. At a young age, she was taught and became familiar with many politic-related cases, thus having an adult-like concern for the country. She and her family took good care of her best friend, Miele, after her parents got arrested and her sister went under counseling. Yayoi is the reason why Miele was able to live like a normal citizen and have a clean name.

Yayoi has a younger brother named Yuu, who was turned into an alien creature and went througg many trouble. She blamed herself for being careless and became more distant to others.


Yayoi has long yellow hair worn loose with a pair of pigtails held by blue ribbon. Her forelocks are curled, ending at her shoulders with her bangs blending in with them, except for a single loose lock. She has matching yellow eyes and wears dark pink glasses.


Yayoi is a smart and mature person. She is able to have understanding of modern political issues because of her background. At first, she has a stoic and skeptical personality, preferring to not be open to other people aside from Miele. The reason for this is her background as well, concerning the trouble her brother went. Later on, after joining Prism Force, she was able to become more friendly and put trust on others.

Hobbies and Skills

Yayoi loves reading books and prefers pictureless books. She finished reading almost all the law books in her house. She also is good at defending the right, making her a qualified attorney in the future.

Idol Data

Date Live Name Notes
TBA Yayoi's Debut Live Solo

Brand Coord Name Notes
Symphonata! Freedom Styling Cyalume Coord Cyalume Coord
Symphonata! Attorney March Coord Halloween Coord
Symphonata! Super Cyalume Yayoi Coord Super Cyalume Coord (Soon)

Type Making Drama Notes
Cool Sparkling☆Glittering! Found Innocent! Initial Making Drama


Kikugakki (聞楽器): Kiku (聞) means to hear or to listen while gakki (楽器) combined means musical instrument.

Yayoi (弥生): Yayoi (弥生) is the olden name for March in the lunar calendar, which means grass grows dense. The meaning was referred on the famous character she portrays, Attorney March.


  • Yayoi's favorite food is hamburger, whom she prefers to eat during practice breaks.
  • Yayoi would visit Usagi in secret to watch Hetalia.
  • Yayoi speaks in an archaic manner and use political terms in her everyday speech. An example is how she use "unjustifiable" when something is wrong or "I found ___ guilty/innocent" despite not in trial court.


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